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2012 November



Studio Space

  • By minneapolischandlery

I have had the pleasure of visiting several candle stores that have been kind enough to show me their workspace. Seeing other spaces has really opened my eyes to the options you have while setting up a studio. Even though these rooms are set up for function, they need to be comfortable since a person will be spending most of his or her day there. Your space must be organized and have ample space to move around. Finally, your candle studio must be an environment where you enjoy spending time. Where a cubical might be decorated with a Dilbert comic, a candle studio must have it’s own candle flair.

Back in the day Jonny and I used to work in a gigantic candle store that made all of its candles in house. There were rows of candle fragrances, boxes upon boxes of molds to choose from, and wax vats galore. Moving from this candle heaven to making candles in our 5 foot by 5 foot kitchen wasn’t easy. We not only make the candles out of our home but we also do all of the packaging, shipping, and paperwork associated with owning a small business from there as well. Six months ago we were happy to move into a space that has a bedroom we could dedicate to candle making. This has made everything so much easier and it has been great fun figuring out the best set up for us.

Below are a couple photos from our studio. In the first photo you’ll find that we’ve lined our workspace with a very thick tarp that runs as a backsplash up against the wall all the way down to the middle of the floor. This way if any hot wax gets bumped we won’t be in trouble with our landlords. We have our wax melting area with heat gun and molds on the main table and our pouring spot off to the right. Drawers below hold our dyes, oils, and other supplies. Notice that we also keep a fire extinguisher in this room. You can never be too safe! In the second photo you’ll find our packaging area. We use this space for our packaged materials that are ready to ship out or to keep safe before we go to a craft show. The big crazy light is one of a set that we use to help us with our product photography. We do enjoy sprucing up our space with great colors and decorations. We’ve also decorated with our own candles.


What does your workspace look like? Send us a link because we’d love to see it!