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2013 December



2014 Resolutions

  • By minneapolischandlery

2013 has been an incredible year for us, and we’ll be sad to see it go. Today we are in the shop recovering from the holiday rush and looking forward to doing a little upkeep. We’ve done so much, but there is so much more to do! We’ll sleep when we’re dead!

This is the time of year people are reflecting and planning for the future. Just so they’re written down, just so they’re said out loud, here are a list of our resolutions for the shop this year:

  • New shape pillar candles
  • Custom packaging for our votives and tea lights
  • Install new shelving on the side wall for our supplies and materials
  • Showcases for candle holder makers
  • New wholesale relationships

The opening of our store this year was exciting and terrifying all at once. We’ve had countless busy days and nights trying to make our products the best it can be, but it’s all worth it when a return customer comes into the shop.

The other day we got our mail while we were pouring some beeswax candles and our carrier said, “You guys have a pretty cool job, don’t you?” She was so very right.

We could not have gotten here without the love and support of our friends, family, and neighbors here in South Minneapolis. We want to make a mega shout out to all the great folks in our lives.


Bring it on, 2014.




Christmas Shipping

  • By minneapolischandlery

We got out all of our holiday orders today and they will arrive before the 24th. We will be open all week despite the construction outside our door. If you need anything please let us know!



24 hour Christmas Sale

  • By minneapolischandlery

Tomorrow is the last day to get orders in to be delivered before Christmas. If you order between noon on Sunday December 15th and noon on Monday December 16th use the coupon code “24hour” at checkout to receive 24% off of your entire purchase.




The best burn

  • By minneapolischandlery

We had a friendly customer call us and ask about candle making this week. When I was telling her about wick size she was surprised that there were more options than medium and large. There are dozens of sizes when it comes to wick! After the size there is a wick type, with all sorts of styles that you can try.

We use a lot of materials and take a lot of time testing our candles to make sure they give the best burn possible. There are a lot of beautiful candles out there that don’t burn well, and that is a shame! We wanted to share this photo of a votive we burned in the shop yesterday. No wax left over in the cup, just a clean burn. It is great to see that all of our wick testing has paid off!




Menorah for Candleholder Thursday

  • By minneapolischandlery

There are fantastic modern menorahs floating around out there. Many of them could be used year round even after the holidays. This one came to my attention and I think it would make a wonderful centerpiece. The candles in this photo are silver, which we don’t make, but I do believe that the natural beeswax tapers would look lovely.




Lyric Candles

  • By minneapolischandlery

New candles out on the floor inspired by our favorite fire songs.