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2014 April



Yankee Village

  • By minneapolischandlery

When I travel for work I always try to keep my eye out for other small candle businesses. Every shop has a special feeling to it, and I love getting inspired by other people in this field. Recently I was driving in Massachusetts and searching for candle shops when I came across an advertisement for the Yankee flagship store in South Deerfield. I’ve seen plenty of Yankee Candle stores in my life, but this is the megastore, almost on the scale of a small Yankee Candle amusement park.  When I entered the store I was handed a map, ya know, just in case I got lost inside one of its many rooms and candle corridors.


The real reason I drove an hour out of my way to visit the Yankee Village was to see the candle museum and to eat at the Chandler’s Restaurant. When else was I going to be at candle themed eatery?


The museum showed a history of Yankee itself, but also had information on candle making in general. The best part of the museum was getting to talk to Michelle, who was the historical interpreter who showed me the equipment and supplies she uses to make candles there. Michelle was a fountain of candle making knowledge, and it was great gabbing with someone else with the passion for it.


This photo shows an old metal taper mold that really doesn’t look too different than the style we use in the shop. In the background you can see a hot pot of beeswax and dipping spools for the hand dipped tapers. We used to make hand dipped tapers but they are very time consuming and we found that our customers prefer the conformity of the molds.


Something that I saw that was completely new to me was bayberries. I have used bayberry wax in the past (usually burned while celebrating Christmas or New Years) but I’ve never seen it in the original form. Yankee doesn’t normally sell beeswax and bayberry wax candles in their regular stores, but it’s neat that they recognize the craft of handmade candle making.

If you were curious, the Chandler’s Restaurant is actually pretty darn good.



Bunny Candles

  • By minneapolischandlery

We’ve been working on making new molds in the shop. Mold making is expensive and they don’t always work out, but I love this little bunny that Jonny made! We will keep this little bunny year round, but to celebrate Easter we are giving away free bunnies tomorrow with any purchase.




On the road again

  • By minneapolischandlery

Many small business owners juggle jobs when they are starting out, and we are no different. Jonny has another part time job on the side of the shop to get some income towards living costs. I (Audrey) have a job that keeps me afloat but also requires me to travel for a chunk of the year. It is hard to be away. We ripped down that store and rebuilt it with love, and it has become my child. When I’m gone from the store I miss it and think about how it is doing all day. Jonny keeps me updated with texts, snap chats, and calls with the candle haps but it isn’t the same as being there in the flesh. I worry my permanent candle smell on my clothes might be wearing off! Anyhow, this is just a little love letter to you, Candle Store Baby. Mama misses you.