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2014 July



Changes at the Chandlery

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In June our head chandler Jonny made the tough decision to move away from Minneapolis. He had been making candles for almost ten years and cared very much about starting his own business. Jonny had a lot of aspirations in life and he has decided to pursue new dreams. Although I will miss him very much I hope that he finds his true calling.

Since Jonny and I started this business together it has been a strange and difficult transition into working here at the shop without him. He had a lot of great ideas and he was a talented candle maker. I have had a lot of support from my friends, family, and small business community to help me to stay open while running the shop solo. Many of my friends are getting married and starting families, but this is what I have decided to do. This is my baby. I love my store, I want my products to be the best you can find, and I want my customers to feel they are cared for. I want to stay strong, learn, and grow everyday.

Many people have asked what they can do to help during this change. I cannot express my gratitude in response to your loving support! If you’d like to do anything to make sure this store thrives:

–       Please keep us in mind. If you’re having an upcoming event that could use custom work, you know I can hook you up.

–       Pimp us out. Word of mouth is better than any kind of marketing. If you want to rate us on facebook or yelp or anything of that nature, that’s awesome!

–       As icky as it feels to ask, get on that social media deal. It’s crazy how important that is to an entrepreneur these days. Blog, etsy, facebook, instagram, the works. The more you stay in contact with us the better.

–       Collaborate. You are an amazing community with many skills. If you want to do work for trade or want to make a special project that we could both benefit from, I’m all ears!

–       Visit. I’m here the 40 hours a week that we’re open, plus any other minute I have to myself. I keep my open sign on anytime I’m in the store, even on my days off and long into the night. I’ve always got a project going but seeing you makes my day and I’d love to take a break to chat with you.

–       For those of you with more than a business relationship: Be patient with me. To be downright honest with you, I’m broke, exhausted, and scared. I don’t get paid to work here and I have another full time job to juggle. A lot of people don’t realize that small businesses don’t profit during their first few years as they pay back start up costs and try to get the word out about their work. I do this because it is my passion. Even when I’m not in the shop proper my mind is always spinning with new ideas or I’m at home researching what I can do to make this place better. If I ever seem tired or stressed out it’s because I am. Please be kind. I care about you, and all of the amazing things that you are doing as well. Please share them with me so I can celebrate YOUR successes, and also share with me when YOU need a helping hand. I want to give. Even though my mind is packed, I do truly care about you. I’m sorry if I haven’t been showing it enough. I love you.

I want to give a special shout out to my Minneapolis Chandlery heroes:

–       My Mom and voice of reason Glenda

–       My Step Dad and handyman Jeff

–       My little sister and candle slave Charlotte

–       My partner in crime and candle slinger Michael

–       My incredible designer and idea bouncer Ashley

–       My talented product photographer who never changes me enough Melissa


Thank you to everyone that has ever visited me, made a sale online, brought me a snack, come to one of my events, or even if you’ve asked how I’m doing. I appreciate you all so much. I want to return all of the love that I feel from you, so if there is any way I can do that please let me know.  With all that I have in me, thank you.




Custom Crest Candles

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I recently made a large special order of small lavender candles with a custom crest on it. When my client contacting me I couldn’t believe how beautiful the artwork was. Few people have a proper family crest these days, and I was surprised how great a modern design could look. I contacted the artist, Stephanie Fishwick, and she gave us permission to share photos with her work on it. Check out her portfolio if you’re looking for any custom calligraphy, she is incredible.




Wood Wicks

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Today we set out our new line of wood wick candles. For the summer we’re offering these jars in Citronella and also a lovely Campfire mixture. woodwicks



Southside Sprint this Sunday July 20th

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We’re normally closed on Sundays but we will be open tomorrow July 20th during the Southside Sprint starting at 48th and Chicago. To find out more information, you can go to their website



Food52 features Minneapolis Chandlery citronella candles

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We’re excited to be part of Food52’s collection of beautiful gifts.