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2015 February



We’re Moving!

  • By minneapolischandlery


A chandlery originally was a room in a house where the chandler (candle maker) lived and worked. No matter where I have been making candles, I have found that place to be my home. I originally learned to make candles at a beautiful handmade candle store in Chicago, then I moved to Minneapolis and made them from my home, and years after that I was fortunate enough to be able to open a small storefront in South Minneapolis. Running the store has been a dream come true, and I am overflowing with appreciation for the people who have helped me get here. I have exposed my business, gained a loyal customer base, and networked with other incredible makers. I am excited but also saddened to announce that I have purchased a home and private workspace in NE Minneapolis and I will be closing the doors of our store. This has been such an enriching experience for me and I am incredibly thrilled to see where my business will go next. I look forward to being able to focus more on special orders, small business candle filling, online sales, weddings, wholesale to local shops, and getting able to attend shows again.


While we are leaving this space we do want something wonderful to replace us! This community is so fantastic and I would love for this space to be filled with a great business for South Minneapolis. Do you know anyone who could use this space? Feel free to contact us!






Custom Harvest Candles

  • By minneapolischandlery

We recently started working with a company called Harvest to create custom candles made from recycled containers. Harvest is a company that takes in household donations to sell and then in return donates that money to charity. They also pass along some of their items to families in need.

We were given old donated containers to fill with a variety of fragrances. These unique candles will be for sale at the Harvest location and the money made from the candles will be donated as well.

On a personal level, these candles have been a lot of fun for me to make. I was given creative license, and I have had a great time making my own new fragrance combinations and colors. We are excited to see what candles will be made in the future.

To find out more about the Harvest company, feel free to check out their website at or on their facebook page .




The Slow Times

  • By minneapolischandlery

January and February are typically slow for the candle business, especially when it’s hitting the negative section of the thermometer here in Minnesota and no one wants to go outside. We take this time to try out new fragrance combinations and product styles and we’re looking for input from you! What are your favorite scents? What kind of candles would you like to see us make? Would you want to take any specialized classes? We’d love to hear from you! Here are the ways you can send us your feedback:

– Message below

– E-mail us at

– Write us a message on Instagram @minneapolischandlery

РContact us through Facebook at



Sweetheart Workshops

  • By minneapolischandlery

Time slots are available for Sweetheart Workshops on Valentine’s Day between 1-4. Two people per reservation, each person gets to make 4 can candles each with custom scents and colors. Message, email, or call for availability.




Rose and Amber

  • By minneapolischandlery

Rose and Amber Special Edition Valentine’s Day Candles available only in the store.¬†Amongst all of the special orders we’ve been doing the last couple months I was happy to make something just for our customers at the store. This is a soft and sweet fragrance that would be perfect for your sweetie on Saturday.