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Cyber Monday 2017

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Minneapolis Chandlery winter candles are now available on our website. Take advantage of the Cyber Monday coupon code SHIP4FREE2017 at checkout for free shipping on orders over $25.




Summertime at the Minneapolis Chandlery

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We just updated our fragrance list for the start of wedding season. Check out the new list here!




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This week I was asked to speak on the Danish word “Hygge” and how important candle burning is to setting a cozy mood :) Read the article here! 



Minny & Paul

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We’re excited to be featured in this special gift box from Minny & Paulminnyandpaulphoto



Wedding Boutique Candles

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Custom candles for clients at The White Room. Rose/Cedar/Orange/Clove





Minneapolis Chandlery at Art-A-Whirl

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The Minneapolis Chandlery is proud to be selling candles this weekend at Art-A-Whirl in NE Minneapolis in the Chowgirls Lounge. Come visit!



Candle Moonlighting

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The Minneapolis Chandlery social media has been absolutely dead for a couple of months. I want to apologize for leaving anyone hanging, and give an update on what’s happening in the candle world here.


In October, while was selling my candles to stores and at craft fairs, I started working on the side for another Minneapolis-based candle company called Frostbeard Studios. I met the owners of Frostbeard, Roxie and Tom, a few years ago through the craft show circuit and it was wonderful meeting other people to talk to about candle making. Their business blew up shortly after we met and they need extra hands here and there during busy seasons. I was happy to jump in for them this holiday season and learn how they operate. Minneapolis Chandlery candles are made in a slightly different way than Frostbeard’s, but the basic elements are the same so I felt very comfortable in their studio. As I was stocking stores and filling special orders I was also working my full time job and also working full time at Frostbeard. It was a very hectic few months but it was also lots of fun.


In the past ten years I have worked for several candle companies and visited many candle makers when I travel. I always feel awakened and inspired by their work. After the holidays I wanted to focus on rebranding and taking my company in a new direction. These are some updates to the Minneapolis Chandlery that you can expect to see soon:


  • Focusing on six signature fragrances with one seasonal fragrance, to be updated quarterly
  • Sadly we are no longer offering beeswax candles since our beekeeper retired this fall and I am officially out of local beeswax. Soy will be our focus.
  • Continue to fill private company orders, and hopefully open up to new long term clients
  • Slight rebranding to highlight our new products (losing the taper candles in our logo, adding more earth elements)
  • Playing around with the idea of new packaging and containers
  • Adding our products to more local stores
  • Opening up to online wholesale


Things are back up and rolling in the studio and I’m excited to see what is up ahead. Thank you everyone for your patience and support. Be prepared to see us more frequently again popping up in your social media and at local fairs. If you have any questions about special orders please feel free to contact me through the website here or through e-mail. Best wishes to all of you!

Love- Audrey




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Our first batch of gold cans! The label was made using elements from the wedding invitations.




Twin Cities Moms Blog Giveaway

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We were happy to partner with Twin Cities Moms Blog for their fancy “Favorite Things” soirée last week by making custom candles with their logo. Twin Cities Moms Blog is run by a bunch of great bloggers as a resource for moms in the Twin Cities. They have gathered up other awesome makers in this edition, and are even holding a giveaway. Check out the website for a chance to win one of our candles and a basket of other fabulous items!



Photo by Miroslavich Photography